Etimologie și statistici pentru numele Eving

Răspândire: 47% prenume, 53% nume de familie.
Prenumele Eving a fost găsit de 10 ori în 3 țări.
Numele de familie Eving este folosit de cel puțin 11 ori în cel puțin 5 țări.

      Surname Eving
Nume de botez
Tatjana Eving (1)
Spor Eving (1)
Catherine Eving (1)
Annika Eving (1)

Given name Eving
Nume de familie
Eving Nennestam (2)
Eving Gardell (1)
Eving Turnball (1)

Surname Eving in USA   

Eving scris invers: Gnive
Cuvântul conține 5 litere - 40.00% vocale și 60.00% consoane.

Anagrame: Evign Vnegi Ngive Gevni Evnig Gvine
Greșeli frecvente in scriere: Evyng Ebing Evjng Eveng Evinga Eivng Evign Evnig

Rhymes: Irving Thanksgiving absolving achieving aggrieving approving archiving leaving weaving heaving thi riving

Eving înseamnă: -
Peter Robb Ewing Scorgie says: Hi re Eving surname. One of my forebears was a Ewing. Janet Ewing, sister to Ralph and Archiobald Ewing in the 19c.My cousin checked curch rolls in Scotland where the Ewings donated a window and had a three hundred year history there. Church records indicated the name was originally Eving or the 'W' is enscribed as a 'V' I am not sure. I know another family name is Scorgie and that is common in Denmark. I always thought 'Eving' was a Norwegian name due to a Viking connection.Searching I note it is a town in Germany.I have found a Sven Eving who lives in Estonai but Sven is a Swedish name. Then an Annika Eving I found online so that surname has survived. I wondered if anyone could enlighten me where the Evings of Clannachshire, Scotland came from, in the 17th - 18th Century?

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