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Numele de familie Hellicar este folosit de cel puțin 98 ori în cel puțin 4 țări.
Numele scris cu litere chinezești: 赫利卡 (pinyin: hè lì kǎ)

      Surname Hellicar
Nume de botez
Andrew Hellicar (5)
Fiona Hellicar (4)
Carol Hellicar (3)
Christian Hellicar (3)
Jennifer Hellicar (3)
Elizabeth Hellicar (3)
Charlotte Hellicar (2)
Lauren Hellicar (2)
Brian Hellicar (2)
Joanne Hellicar (2)
Hugh Hellicar (2)
Denis Hellicar (2)
Christine Hellicar (2)
Carolyn Hellicar (2)
Bena Hellicar (2)
Oliver Hellicar (2)
Peter Hellicar (2)
Arnold Hellicar (2)
Anna Hellicar (2)
Louise Hellicar (2)
Linda Hellicar (1)
Jessica Hellicar (1)
Samtha Hellicar (1)
Jeanette Hellicar (1)
Simone Hellicar (1)
Sarah Hellicar (1)
Jeffrey Hellicar (1)
Joan Hellicar (1)
Maxwell Hellicar (1)
Mark Hellicar (1)
Michael Hellicar (1)
Jolanta Hellicar (1)
John Hellicar (1)
Hilary Hellicar (1)
June Hellicar (1)
Dorothy Hellicar (1)
Anthony Hellicar (1)
Audrey Hellicar (1)
Barbara Hellicar (1)
Carl Hellicar (1)
Ann Hellicar (1)
Alice Hellicar (1)
Deirdre Hellicar (1)
Adam Hellicar (1)
Abigail Hellicar (1)
Alexandra Hellicar (1)
Catherine Hellicar (1)
Charles Hellicar (1)
Duncan Hellicar (1)
Elsie Hellicar (1)
Emma Hellicar (1)
George Hellicar (1)
Deb Hellicar (1)
Doris Hellicar (1)
David Hellicar (1)
Donald Hellicar (1)
Dora Hellicar (1)
Hannah Hellicar (1)

Hellicar scris invers: Racilleh
Cuvântul conține 8 litere - 37.50% vocale și 62.50% consoane.

Anagrame: Erlaclih
Greșeli frecvente in scriere: Hellicor Hellical Hellicarr Hellycar Helljcar Hellecar Hellicara Hlelicar Hellicra Helliacr

Rhymes: vicar Hamilcar Madagascar Oscar boxcar car flatcar headgear

Hellicar înseamnă: -
Peter Hellicar says: This unusual and interesting surname, recorded as Helliker, Hellicar, and Hilliker, is of Ancient British origins. It may be either a topographical or a locational surname. If the former, the surname denotes residence at or by "a holy stone", derived from the Old English pre 7th Century "haelig" meaning holy, and the suffix "carr", a rock or stone. Such a particular rock might be called "holy" through association with a saint or notable holy man, or because it was used as a meeting place or a sacrificial altar during religious gatherings. The surname can also be locational from a place formerly named "Haelig-carr" which has now totally disappeared, but is thought to have been situated in Somerset. This is not in itself unusual. At least seven thousand British villages and hamlets have been "lost" since the 14th Century, mainly due to enforced "clearing" of lands for sheep pasture, but also as a result of plague, civil war, and emparking. Examples of the surname recordings include Nicholas Hellicar who married Elizabeth Stockham on the 15th of January 1679 at East Quantoxhead in Somerset. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Richard Hellaker, which was dated October 9th 1636, christened at Wiveliscombe, Somerset, during the reign of King Charles I, known as "The Martyr", 1625 - 1649. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

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Persoane faimoase: Evelyn Hellicar

Scriitori: Eileen Hellicar, Rosaleen Hellicar

Cărți: "Tom Hellicar's children"

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