Etimologie și statistici pentru numele Josekutty

Răspândire: 78% prenume, 22% nume de familie.
Prenumele Josekutty a fost găsit de 45 ori în 7 țări.
Numele de familie Josekutty este folosit de cel puțin 12 ori în cel puțin 5 țări.
Genul prenumelui Josekutty este 0% feminin și 100% masculin.

      Surname Josekutty
Nume de botez
Ditty Josekutty (1)

Given name Josekutty
Nume de familie
Josekutty Philip (1)
Josekutty Kuriakose (1)
Josekutty Sebastian (1)

Surname Josekutty in USA   

Josekutty scris invers: Yttukesoj
Cuvântul conține 9 litere - 44.44% vocale și 55.56% consoane.

Anagrame: Joestytuk Jsykteuto Tuytsejko Tsuotyjke
Greșeli frecvente in scriere: Jossekutty Josekutti Iosekutty Josekuttya Jsoekutty Josekutyt

Rhymes: nutty putty smutty Betty Getty Kitty Mitty vivacity dimity impiety

Josekutty înseamnă: -
Josekutty Joseph says: Meaning of 'Josekutty' may be said to be 'child dreamer'. Because the name 'Josekutty' is combination of 'Joseph' and 'Kutty'. Kutty, in Malayalam (language of Kerala(m) in India), means child. Kutty is a usual suffix to many of the names in Malayalam as that of 'Kumar' in Hindi and all South Indian languages. The word Josekutty is derived from 'Outhakutty', which is another combination of 'Youseph' and Kutty. "Outha" is derivated spelling of "Yousa", short form of Youseph in Malayalam. Youseph is an Aramaic name referred to in the Holy Bible (Old Testament): Youseph, son of 'Yachob' (Jacob in English) also called Israel, grandson of Abraham, Father of Nations. Youseph is referred to in the New Testament of the Holy Bible as husband of 'Mariyam', (Mary in English) mother of 'Iŝo' [Isho] (Jesus in English). Meaning of the word Youseph/Joseph given in the Bible is 'dreamer'. Christianity was brought to India in the first century by Apostle St Thoma (Thomas). The language of worship for the early Christians was Aramaic, the language of their Lord Isho (Jesus). Thus most of the male names of early Christians were Youseph and female Christians were Mariyam, Anna, Elishwa (Elizabeth in English). With the Westernisation brought about by the Portugese in the fifteenth century, there were attempts to convert Aramaic names to English: Youseph to Joseph; Mariyam to Mary, Elishwa to Elizabeth, etc. Thus short form of Joseph (Jose) was suffixed with Kutty. According to thegramatical rules of Malayalam, the vowel 'e' is to be converted to 'u', when Jose is to be suffixed with Kutty. Hence 'Josukutty', whereas in English most people use the spelling Josekutty instead of Josukutty. Similarly, 'Outhakutty' was converted to Josukutty/Josekutty.

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