Etimologie și statistici pentru numele Lindskoog

Răspândire: 4% prenume, 96% nume de familie.
Prenumele Lindskoog a fost găsit de 7 ori în 1 țări. (USA)
Numele de familie Lindskoog este folosit de cel puțin 136 ori în cel puțin 3 țări.
Numele scris cu litere chinezești: 林斯科格 (pinyin: lín sī kē gé)

      Surname Lindskoog
Nume de botez
Mark Lindskoog (2)
Catharina Lindskoog (2)
Brian Lindskoog (2)
Mats Lindskoog (1)
Eva Lindskoog (1)
Henrik Lindskoog (1)
Pontus Lindskoog (1)
Linus Lindskoog (1)
Agneta Lindskoog (1)
Doug Lindskoog (1)
Don Lindskoog (1)
Ross Lindskoog (1)
Rebekka Lindskoog (1)
Kris Lindskoog (1)
Anders Lindskoog (1)

Surname Lindskoog in USA   

Lindskoog scris invers: Gooksdnil
Cuvântul conține 9 litere - 33.33% vocale și 66.67% consoane.

Anagrame: Lidnogoks
Greșeli frecvente in scriere: Lindsskoog Lyndskoog Ljndskoog Lendskoog Lindskooga Lnidskoog Lindskogo

Rhymes: Moog fugue rebuke fluke spook puke

Lindskoog înseamnă: -
Hansson says: The name Lindskoog is a soldiers name. In the late 1600's soldiers were given nature or army inspired surnames in order to tell them apart. Seeing as most Swedes at the time got their surname based on their fathers first name. If the fathers name was Eric, his sons surname would be Ericsson. It wasn't until the late 1800's that surnames would be passed to the next generation. The name Lindskoog means - linden forrest and tells that the soldier who was given the name by the army most likely did his army service in the forrest and more specifically in the southern part of Sweden where linden trees are mainly found. The more common spelling of the name is Lindskog. The additional 'O' was most likely added when the the soldier was called back in the army and there was already a soldier with that same name. To able to know that they would contact the right family in case of fatality the additional letter was added where it wouldn't effect the pronunciation.

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Persoane faimoase: Kathryn Lindskoog

Scriitori: Nils Lindskoog, John Lindskoog, Kay Lindskoog, Donald Lindskoog, Kathryn Ann Lindskoog

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