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Răspândire: 1% prenume, 99% nume de familie.
Prenumele Metelmann a fost găsit de 1 ori în 1 țări. (USA)
Numele de familie Metelmann este folosit de cel puțin 93 ori în cel puțin 7 țări.
Numele scris cu litere chinezești: 梅特尔曼 (pinyin: méi té ěr màn)

      Surname Metelmann
Nume de botez
Volker Metelmann (2)
Ulrich Metelmann (2)
Michael Metelmann (2)
Christa Metelmann (2)
Hans Metelmann (2)
Fritz Metelmann (2)
Helke Metelmann (2)
Ingenieur Metelmann (1)
Joachim Metelmann (1)
Katja Metelmann (1)
Holger Metelmann (1)
Henner Metelmann (1)
Klaus Metelmann (1)
Horst Metelmann (1)
Ingeborg Metelmann (1)
Martin Metelmann (1)
Regina Metelmann (1)
Reiner Metelmann (1)
Wilhelm Metelmann (1)
Markus Metelmann (1)
Paul Metelmann (1)
Otto Metelmann (1)
Maren Metelmann (1)
Marlies Metelmann (1)
Harry Metelmann (1)
Maik Metelmann (1)
Erna Metelmann (1)
Maria Metelmann (1)
Minna Metelmann (1)
Sara Metelmann (1)
Thomas Metelmann (1)
Laura Metelmann (1)
Inger Metelmann (1)
Henry Metelmann (1)
Camilla Metelmann (1)
Heiner Metelmann (1)
Torben Metelmann (1)
Anke Metelmann (1)
Claudia Metelmann (1)
Elfriede Metelmann (1)
Gisela Metelmann (1)
Frank Metelmann (1)
Carsten Metelmann (1)
Brigitte Metelmann (1)
Anneliese Metelmann (1)
Beate Metelmann (1)
Berndt Metelmann (1)
Gerd Metelmann (1)

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Metelmann scris invers: Nnamletem
Cuvântul conține 9 litere - 33.33% vocale și 66.67% consoane.

Greșeli frecvente in scriere: Metelmonn Metelmanna Mteelmann Metelmnan

Rhymes: Bertelsmann Boltzmann Bultmann Eichmann Hauptmann Lippmann Riemann genommen recension angenommen aufgenommen kininogen

Metelmann înseamnă: -
Klaus Metelmann says: The connection of the name “Metelmann” to the village-names in Mecklenburg “Meteln” and “Metelsdorf” is obvious, because the ending “-mann” points to a place of origin: “the man from Meteln’. If we add the explanation of the word “Meteln” as explained in the “Yearbook for Mecklenburgische History and Prehistory” Vol. 46, 1881, page 93, which quotes “metla” (slavic) equals young willow or willow branches, then “Metelmann” would be one who lives in a swamp area were a large number of willows grow. Since willow branches are used for the manufacture of baskets, fences and other similar things, the name “Metelmann” could be an indication of a profession: basketmaker, which means somebody who makes his living by making baskets, etc. In this connection it may be pointed out that not far from “Meteln” and “Metels-dorf” a village “Rutenbeck“ can be found. Also, in Pomerania village names starting with “metla” is existing. The author Trautmann believes that “Metla” is an old name for of an acre. That would make it identical to the already quoted explanation. There are also Metelmann's living in Belgium

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Scriitori: Henry Metelmann

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