Etimologie și statistici pentru numele Willacy

Răspândire: 3% prenume, 97% nume de familie.
Prenumele Willacy a fost găsit de 10 ori în 1 țări. (USA)
Numele de familie Willacy este folosit de cel puțin 306 ori în cel puțin 7 țări.

      Surname Willacy
Nume de botez
Andrew Willacy (16)
David Willacy (5)
Carol Willacy (5)
Barbara Willacy (5)
Ben Willacy (5)
Michael Willacy (4)
Richard Willacy (4)
Brian Willacy (4)
Robert Willacy (4)
Beverley Willacy (3)
Ann Willacy (3)
Angela Willacy (3)
Adele Willacy (3)
Alan Willacy (3)
Anthony Willacy (3)
Donna Willacy (2)
Jane Willacy (2)
Jacqueline Willacy (2)
Ewart Willacy (2)
Elaine Willacy (2)
George Willacy (2)
Martyn Willacy (2)
Suzanne Willacy (2)
Sylvia Willacy (2)
Thomas Willacy (2)
William Willacy (2)
Susan Willacy (2)
Stewart Willacy (2)
John Willacy (2)
Josephine Willacy (2)
Paul Willacy (2)
Rebecca Willacy (2)
Jason Willacy (2)
Hayley Willacy (2)
Annie Willacy (2)
Alexander Willacy (2)
Benjamin Willacy (2)
Anne Willacy (2)
Audrey Willacy (2)
Bernard Willacy (2)
Adam Willacy (2)
Raymond Willacy (1)
Peter Willacy (1)
Amy Willacy (1)
Michele Willacy (1)
Nancy Willacy (1)
Max Willacy (1)
Mabel Willacy (1)
Lloyd Willacy (1)
Mandy Willacy (1)
Anita Willacy (1)
Amanda Willacy (1)
Mary Willacy (1)
Angelene Willacy (1)
Samuel Willacy (1)
Alana Willacy (1)
Alex Willacy (1)
Ada Willacy (1)
Yvonne Willacy (1)
Tristan Willacy (1)
Nilas Willacy (1)
Alice Willacy (1)
Steven Willacy (1)
Lilian Willacy (1)
Rosalie Willacy (1)
Sam Willacy (1)
Sarah Willacy (1)
Stephen Willacy (1)
Shephen Willacy (1)
Alison Willacy (1)
Josh Willacy (1)
Gavin Willacy (1)
Faye Willacy (1)
Beatrice Willacy (1)
Graham Willacy (1)
Barrie Willacy (1)
Grenris Willacy (1)
Eric Willacy (1)
Emily Willacy (1)
Darren Willacy (1)
Caroline Willacy (1)
Derek Willacy (1)
Betty Willacy (1)
Elliott Willacy (1)
Elisabeth Willacy (1)
Henry Willacy (1)
Ian Willacy (1)
Annette Willacy (1)
Jonathan Willacy (1)
Joshua Willacy (1)
Bridget Willacy (1)
Justin Willacy (1)
Julie Willacy (1)
Joan Willacy (1)
Joanne Willacy (1)
Jackie Willacy (1)
Isabelle Willacy (1)
Barbra Willacy (1)
James Willacy (1)
Jeanne Willacy (1)
Jamie Willacy (1)
Kristelle Willacy (1)

Surname Willacy in USA   

Willacy scris invers: Ycalliw
Cuvântul conține 7 litere - 42.86% vocale și 57.14% consoane.

Anagrame: Wliylca Lalicyw Laiwycl Willyac Ilylcaw
Greșeli frecvente in scriere: Willocy Wyllacy Willaci Vvillacy Wjllacy Wellacy Willacya Wlilacy Willayc Willcay

Rhymes: fallacy lacy Confederacy Lacy Macy Stacy conspiracy wilfully villainy willfully billowy

Willacy înseamnă: -
Eric Willacy says: The origin og the name is in Lancashire uk. Family tradition has it that the name is derived from the name lacy, A norman lord who held the region known as Bowland (nr Burnley) from the 11th to 14th century. The name Willacy is a combination of the first name William (Will) and Lacy. Since Surname were rare before the late 13th c. A serf belonging to the lordship of Lacy would have been described as Will (Lacy's Man) which over time became Wil Lacy. Alternatively, but less likely the name infers decent from the Lacy line.

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Scriitori: Marcella Recchia Willacy, David M. Willacy

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